Egypt – a country with optimal sun exposure

Growing demand for electricity and high irradiation levels

With global radiations of 2000-2500 kWh/m2, Egypt is one of the most attractive countries in the world for using solar energy.

Good reasons for photovoltaic

  • Qualify for a refinance on the feed-in tariff
  • Enjoy the benefits of self-power generation
  • Give a contribution to grid stabilization

Amount of current

The average amount of current, which can be produced with photovoltaic, for example is:

  • Northern Egypt 1550 kWh/kWp*
  • Southern Egypt - 1800 kWh/kWp*

The production quantity depends on roof pitch, roof orientation and components.

You are welcome to obtain a personal analysis by our experts.

*) 1 kWp = 4 modules = 8 m²
World map of direct normal irradiation and long term average of kWh/m². Monthly averages of solar radiation and air temperature for Cairo .